Episode 82: Authority and Doubt

Continuing through The Badly Behaved Bible, we discuss the crucial role of doubt in the development of faith and how the authority of scripture actually works out in our lives. Or, to put it in the words of Saint Edwin of Starr, ‘Law (huh) what is it good for?’ Also Joe gets insecure about the logo and there are some amazingly good emails.

2 thoughts on “Episode 82: Authority and Doubt”

  1. Hello gents.

    What a discovery this podcast is! I’m only 86 episodes late but pretty sure that’s because until now I really wasn’t ‘Mid Faith’ or even perhaps ‘Mid Life’? But now at the comfortable age of 44 I’m almost certainly both.

    I’ve managed to get through about 4 episodes (or are they called ‘casts’?) whilst walking to things (another midlife activity) and have found listening in to your conversations fascinating, rewarding, thought provoking and once or twice, funny!

    Joe will remember me well (or at least pretend to) from the time I was working at Oasis Trust back in the day and our occasional visits (possibly just once?!) to watch AFC Wimbledon in those early years of seriously non-league action. (I still go every week Joe – welcome to join if in SW London…)

    Thanks for podcasting and for reading the emails sent in – possibly the most encouraging bit of the show – a chap called ‘Brian’ summed up my current situation fairly well on a recent podcast (thank you Brian for having a good way with words) and I’ll probably buy Nick’s latest book, unless you talk about it so much i don’t feel i need to.

    Anyway – thanks and keep up the good work!


    1. Hello mate. Great to hear from you. It requires deep and great faith to follow the Dons! But here we are still doing it.
      Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you at a game soon. Joe

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