Complete and Utter Episodes

Episode 124: What is the good news? (Part Two)

Episode 123: What is the good news? (Part One)

Episode 122: A festival of courgettes

Episode 121: Should I stay or should I go?

Episode 120: Shall we debrief?

Episode 119: Jeff Lucas on the priceless gift of disillusionment.

Episode 118: Questions raised. No questions answered.

Episode 117: The theology of ‘I dunno’

Episode 116: The thin spaces of doubt

Episode 115: More than just God in a bod

Episode 114: Grayson Perry’s Spiritual Art Club

Episode 113: The cheese stage of grief

Episode 112: We’re always inventing tradition

Episode 111: Small Wonders of God

Episode 110: It’s our story as well

Episode 109: At the movies with Dave Hopwood

Episode 108: Attention, intention and self-isolation

Episode 107: Buying a field

Episode 106: [Bongos] Happen

Episode 105: Soulful Nature – An Interview with Brian Draper

Episode 104: ‘Strength to walk the journey’

Episode 103: Confess! Confess!

Episode 102: Stan has no authority

Episode 101: Demands and duties

Episode 100: Who’d have thought it?

Episode 99: Retreats for Extroverts and other issues

Episode 98: New year, new theme

Episode 97: Hopes and fears and all that swaddling

Episode 96: A coffee cup on the altar!

Episode 95: Being the Incarnation

Episode 94: Happy New (Liturgical) Year

Episode 93: The reality of our hope

Episode 92: Lacy Finn Borgo on Seasons of Silence

Episode 91: ‘He will wipe every tear from our eyes’

Episode 90: Making friends with death

Episode 89: Ruth Valerio on Creation and the Environment

Episode 88: New paradigms and other mysteries

Episode 87: Look, what the people really want to know…

Episode 86: Back with Feedback

Episode 85: Steve Chalke on the Lost Message of Paul

Episode 84: Now that’s what I call Ethel vol 1

Episode 83: We need to talk about Jehovah

Episode 82: Authority and Doubt

Episode 81: The Not-so-good Book

Episode 80: Reading and other acts of resistance

Episode 79: Exile Stories

Episode 78: The God-breathed Book

Episode 77: A World Class Failure

Episode 76: The Christmas Special. In July.

Episode 75: On Pubgrimage

Episode 74: Effing the Ineffable

Episode 73: Talking therapies

Episode 72: Letting go in Minsmere

Episode 71: An Interview with Adrian Plass

Episode 70: The Thin Places.

Episode 69: The Badly Behaved Bible and other topics

Episode 68: Pay attention, everyone

Episode 67: Work, work, work

Episode 66(6) The Second Coming

Episode 65: The Easter Journey

Episode 64: Seven Ways to Stop Sinning

Episode 63: On Pilgrimage with Alexander Shaia

Episode 62: Conversing about Converting

Episode 61: How not to be happy part 2

Episode 60: How Not to be Happy

Episode 59: The Cycle of Grace with Trevor Hudson

Episode 58: Christmas and all that swaddling

Episode 57: Back to Reality with Mark Scandrette

Episode 56: The Mid-faith Crisis Film Club

Episode 55: Taking off the masks

Episode 54: ‘Death is a Very Good Part of Life’

Episode 53: Personality Types

Episode 52: Now we are two!

Episode 51: The Mystery of the Cross

Episode 50: The Scandal of The Cross

Episode 49: Serious stuff with jokes in it

Episode 48: Inching towards forgiveness

Episode 47: You have to leave in order to return

Episode 46: Rambling in Lee Abbey

Episode 45: ‘A massive suitcase full of us’

Episode 44: How big is your calling?

Episode 43: Taking the Pistis with Steve Chalke

Episode 42: Flippant Depth

Episode 41.5: Bonus episode – Back to the future

Episode 41: What the hell!

Episode 40: Detachment and Deep Work

Episode 39: Interview with Alexander Shaia Part 2

Episode 38: Interview with Alexander Shaia Part 1

Episode 37: The magic prayer word is banana

Episode 36: ‘There is something hypnotic about your podcast…’

Episode 35: How to succeed at parenting and other myths

Episode 34: How to Look Good Sacred

Episode 33: Practical Thankfulness

Episode 32: Happy Christ-tide Eve-Eve!

Episode 31: The Spirituality of Paddington

Episode 30: Jesus Part 1

Episode 29: The Landscape of the Heart

Episode 28: Lots of Books

Episode 27: We’ve got a big announcement

Episode 26: Walking each other home

Episode 25: ‘Weakness, negligence and deliberate fault’

Episode 24: It’s a sin!

Episode 23: Definitely Maybe

Episode 22: The schism starts here

Episode 21: What we did on our holiday

Episode 20: Letters to our younger selves

Episode 19: Marginal Gains

Episode 18: Don’t make me angry

Episode 17: Lifting the Label

Episode 16: How to be a Bad Christian

Episode 15: Telling the Truth

Episode 14: Waiting for Resurrection

Episode 13: Values, not vision

Episode 12: The Problem of Prayer

Episode 11: We all need to belong

Episode 10: Yes, but are you ‘born again’?

Episode 9: Get grumpy about something that matters

Episode 8: The good news, part one

Episode 7: I’m H.A.P.P.Y

Episode 6: ‘Do not be afraid…’

Episode 5: Church, and how to survive it

Episode 4: The Bible is a weird thing…

Episode 3: Father, Son and Floaty Thing

Episode 2: Life is a game of two halves

Episode 1: The Hungry Caterpillar of Faith