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Complete and Utter Episodes

Episode 285: How to be wise

Episode 282: Custard is holy ground

Episode 280: Throbbingly unsettling

Episode 278: The Easter Journey

Episode 274: What is the point of Joe?

Episode 271: A festival of feedback

Episode 266: Emmanuel in Mexico

Episode 259: Owning my worminess

Episode 258: You are not your feelings

Episode 257: Grumpily grateful

Episode 249: Drawing out our tears

Episode 237: Attack with love

Episode 235: Too much nard

Episode 231: We need a spreadsheet

Episode 230: The BP Blessing

Episode 227: Service and Wisdomness

Episode 226: The gifts of the year

Episode 225: Bonus Christmas episode!

Episode 223: The rules for Christmas

Episode 222: Moments of exaltation

Episode 219: Leaning in to goodness

Episode 218: The Mid-faith Permacrisis

Episode 217: Welcome back, wristbands

Episode 208: Dealing with sadmin

Episode 195: Looking for the Living