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The Mid-Faith Crisis Podcast

Welcome to the home of the Mid-Faith Crisis podcast.

Mid-Faith Crisis is a podcast for every Christian who has ever asked ‘Is that it?’

If you feel that you have more questions than answers, if you feel as though your faith is changing, if you feel that if the worship leader sings that chorus one more time you will strangle him with his own guitar strap, then this is the podcast for you.

Challenging, refreshing and thought-provoking, the Mid-faith Crisis explores the big questions of the Christian faith with honesty and humour. 

Warning. Contains traces of theology and occasional innuendo.

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Your Hosts: Nick Page and Joe Davis

Joe Davis is a speaker, independent celebrant, unlikely Baptist Minister, failed kite-surfer. He lives in Worthing and helps lead a table fellowship every Thursday night called Soul Place. Joe has never written a book.

Nick Page is a writer, speaker, unlicensed historian and general ranter. He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife, various of his three daughters and a dog called Bill. He has written lots of books. He has a fairly uninformative website and a microblog.

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