Episode 70: The Thin Places.

We talk about the places where you really get a sense of God’s presence. We know that God is with us everywhere and at every moment – but why is it that we feel that presence more in some places than others? Joe talks about the Minsmere Bird Reserve, Nick talks about a cave church on Patmos, both struggle to find the words. There’s a bit of badly-quoted poetry, some great emails, a quote from Saint George Michael and a surprising amount of Bongos.

1 thought on “Episode 70: The Thin Places.”

  1. You talked today about thin places.

    Last Autumn I had the good fortune to travel to New Zealand. One of the places we were recommended to go on the South Island was the Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo. It’s a fairly non-descript building when you get there, but it’s location is stunning, overlooking the aforementioned lake and the mountains. What was amazing was what happened when I went inside. At the front of the church, over the altar is a plain-glazed window framing the view over the lake. There’s a simple cross right in the middle. When I visited there was some wonderful music (by Margaret Rizza) playing.

    Of course it’s the same view that you could see from outside the chapel, but it being framed in that way with the cross in the centre and with the music playing somehow increased its impact immensely. A thin place for me.

    This would work better with photographs but I couldn’t work out how to send them – easily found on popular search engines though. And the photos probably wouldn’t show up that well on a podcast anyway.

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