Episode 109: At the movies with Dave Hopwood

We have an interview with Dave Hopwood, who talks about how he uses film to communicate and explore deep truths about Christianity. Meanwhile, Joe is awake, annoyed, and grieving. Nick discusses the morality of buying eggs. We touch on whether Australia actually retained the Ashes in 2019, and why Hugh Grant should actually be the Prime Minister. It’s a very long episode, but let’s face it, what else are you going to do at this time?

1 thought on “Episode 109: At the movies with Dave Hopwood”

  1. How reassuring to hear that it’s not only me that cries like a baby when I hear the ABBA song ‘Slipping Through my Fingers’. Every bongoing time.
    I have two daughters and I always knew that at the first of their weddings I had to play that song – it captures the bitter-sweet emotions of your child growing and leaving perfectly. I incorporated it in a ‘Desert Island Discs’ themed Father of the Bride speech in which I like to think I managed to achieve the delicate balance between insulting my daughter gratuitously and expressing my love for her.
    Like you said Nick the lyrics are amazing and they are balanced with a sublime pop tune. Perfection.

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