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Episode 5: Church, and how to survive it

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In which our heroes discuss church. What is it? Why do people stop going? This week’s podcast look at the strengths and limitations of church, what our attitude to church should be, and why we have to take responsibility for our own spiritual formation. All this despite Joe’s bad back, Nick’s hangover and some concerns over whether the guitar is really ‘Satan’s banjo’.

Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 5: Church, and how to survive it

3 thoughts on “Episode 5: Church, and how to survive it”

  1. I heard of this podcast on a Renovare US podcast and immediately looked you up and listened to all 5 episodes in one sitting. The best part is that there is actually a name for and recognition of what I have been feeling for many years now. So much of what you are saying resonates with me as things I have felt and experienced. Richard Foster once said that we must do in the dark what we knew to do in the light, (or something like that). So, I am faithful to continue practicing the spiritual disciplines, but they often feel hollow, or inadequate. I am so pleased that you spoke of the church, it is such a lonely place for someone in mid-faith crisis. Having recently moved to a new town, I attempted to find community by going to church. I understand that to be connected I need to plug into a ministry and serve, but at this stage of my life I’m not quite sure were I fit in. I’ve been a teacher, small group leader, mentor and numerous other things, but how am I to do any of these when I’m not even sure what I actually believe any longer. I feel inadequate to serve anyone because I’m such a mess, and it seems like I’m the only one going through this. I would like to start a support group but my feelings are so vague I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’m actually too ashamed to express my lack of faith so I keep all this to myself. That is the beauty of this podcast, it validates my struggle … Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks so much. And I don’t mean this is a glib way, but ‘all will be well’. Doubt is in no way the opposite of faith, doubt is a part of it. If you don’t doubt I’m not sure you have faith!? You just have certainty! Stay tuned. Joe

  2. Hello guys

    A bit late to the party I’m afraid, but finding your stuff about mid faith crisis is amazing. Do you know of any like minded people in York/Yorkshire/Humber?

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