Episode 22: The schism starts here

In which our heroes try to come up with a creed for the Mid-faith crisis. In what will surely end up as a schism between them, Joe and Nick try to define what our core beliefs are. Is Nick living in the past? Is Joe really going to do the seagull dance? And what do you think are the core beliefs of our faith? Write in and let us know, before Joe is excommunicated and Nick is burnt at the stake.

1 thought on “Episode 22: The schism starts here”

  1. Dear Joe and Nick
    As you can see i’m listening to this in 2021 during this pandemic it’s given me time to ask What, why and what’s going on with God, faith and mainly church, your pod casts have helped me see i’m not alone with my struggles your sense of humor is as sad as mine, Thank you and carry on.

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