Episode 16: How to be a Bad Christian

It’s our second ever interview! It’s another man called Dave! Joe interviews Dave Tomlinson, author of How to be a Bad Christian, The Bad Christian’s Manifesto and his latest book, Black Sheep and Prodigals. We talk about how it’s a bad thing to leave God in the hands of the experts, the limitations of language and the role of stories in the Bible. Meanwhile, there’s feedback from the article in Christianity magazine and, in a shock development, Nick is very happy.

Christianity Magazine: Help I’m Having a Mid-faith Crisis!

Dave Tomlinson

2 thoughts on “Episode 16: How to be a Bad Christian”

  1. I’ve been going through a tough time since 2013. I have just managed to start attending Church again recently the new Minister and previous Minister are brilliant caring guys but during my darkest moments we had no credible shepherd instead things became messy i stayed away from Church . The new Minister sent to me your article re Mid faith crisis which accurately describes my Melting point crisis I face . The article really helped so I decided to click on the Podcast link thing – episode 16 the interview with David Tomlinson it was really interesting so I’m going to buy the book . Your program is really encouraging, I’m bit of a maverick don’t wear a mask what you see is what you get in or out of Church which I guess upsets my mates or members. Anyway you guys had me in stitches keep doing what you are doing . My mate is taking me to the Appollo tonight to watch a comedian and My only hope is that he is funny as you boys . Thanks again and if God can hear me I hope he continues to grow and bless your ministry. There is a lot of hurt out there than you can help .

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