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Episode 132: Reflections on our fourth birthday

It’s our fourth birthday! We listen back to the first episode and reflect on where it all went wrong – sorry – I mean, all that we have learnt. How has our view of the Mid-faith Crisis changed? What is the core advice we would give for listeners who are just joining us? Also more on toadstools, wellness, the joy of making stuff, and whether Covid-19 will actually change the church at all. Thanks for listening!

Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 132: Reflections on our fourth birthday

2 thoughts on “Episode 132: Reflections on our fourth birthday”

  1. A word I came across recently is ‘limerence’. I think this can apply to our relationship with God. As you say, we need to have a heart reaction to God, as well as a head reaction, and limerence can last for a short, intense period, or a prolonged period. And can come and go. Anyway, I think it’s a useful term for me to apply to my relationship with God. I’ll leave you to research limerence, and agree or not… Keep up the good work!

  2. Gill and Charlie Palmer

    Wellness and winter:
    I’ve been thinking about our “wellness plan” over the last couple of weeks and come to the conclusion that connecting with nature really is so important. However , when stuck indoors, it’s music that keeps my spirits up. We listen to Radio 6 and have found some very unusual new music as well as old favourites. I’m particularly drawn to music inspired by the natural world. Last Saturday we watched a livestream concert from the Barbican by Erland Cooper, with our MDC friends Bob and Seringa. Erland is from the Orkneys and his music evokes the sound of crashing seas, wind and sea birds. It was truly uplifting and spiritual. Joe, you might like Cosmo Sheldrake who’s latest music is created with a backdrop of birdsong that he has recorded, beautiful- During the last few months we have found that we are switching off the television more ( especially news except newsNight! ) and found ourselves more relaxed – We love the podcast and are still catching up on the backlog- up 73 by listening to one over after dinner coffee. Looking forward to rebooking Lee Abbey 2021
    Best wishes Gill ( part of the ever growing MFC listeners in Kenilworth)

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