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Episode 12: The Problem of Prayer

In which our heroes discuss one of the key practices of the Christian life. Yes, it’s the first of a series we’re calling by the catchy title of Stuff we have to do as Christians, even though we might not like it and we’re no longer part of the official church, so suck it up. And this week is all about prayer. Does it work? Is it ever right to pray for a car parking space? How do we speak our prayers out loud without looking like a crazy person? All this plus exciting news of the Mid-Faith Crisis weekend!

Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 12: The Problem of Prayer

1 thought on “Episode 12: The Problem of Prayer”

  1. Hi Guys Thanks for prayer thoughts but you didn’t address the Main Issue. What are you supposed to think when you don’t get a parking space? Could’nt you interpret this fact in many ways, perhaps you were not meant to make that visit, therefore go home. Ask God where else I am supposed to park, maybe there is a person there who I need to meet. ? Can you please discuss why some prayers are answers nd others not. I am working on a ridiculous hymn :-
    Verse 1 When I’m standing on the higher ground
    And that tapestry is turned around
    Life’s colours will merge to a beautiful theme
    I’ll be so glad I was on His team!
    Is this the sort of non sense you want!?

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