Episode 100: Who’d have thought it?

We’ve reached three figures! In this episode we chat about why we started the podcast, what’s the best (and worst) thing about it, and where we go from here. Expect a bit of dodgy audio. We recorded part of this while walking round the ramparts of an Iron Age hill fort. Like you do. Thanks for sticking with us everyone and for making this podcast what it is.*

*We’ll leave you to decide what it is, exactly.

3 thoughts on “Episode 100: Who’d have thought it?”

  1. Dear Nick and Joe
    I love your podcast. I live in Italy and am Anglo Italian, I am also Dani Calvi’s sister! I relate to all you have spoken about and love the community you provide, so thank you so very much. I heard with horror your suggestion/consideration of maybe stopping the weekly podcast…. because it might have run its course. I felt obliged to write because the thought of not having your weekly banter is too much to bear! Think of us who don’t live in the UK and who now also have to deal with Brexit, who can’t just pop to Worthing for a quick chat and a curry! What shall we do?!
    No pressure of course or guilt trips and whatever you decide is fine but please please keep having fun because I do and I’m sure many others do too, not only, you give me food for thought and you make me laugh and I don’t feel like such an alien.
    So anyway ciao for now

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