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Episode 98: New year, new theme

Happy New Year! We’re back with a discussion of how to reflect on last year using the examen approach. And we talk about setting themes for the new year, rather than new year’s resolutions.


Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 98: New year, new theme

2 thoughts on “Episode 98: New year, new theme”

  1. Hi Joe and Nick
    Really liked the Examen in episode 98 but suggest that two youthful thinking people like yourselves should avoid adding in a number ie your age ?
    Being in your 50’s does not make you old !
    After retiring from teaching at 58 I have been blessed with a variety of ‘feeling alive activities’ including mentoring keen young staff, working in a township school and participating in running events with my wife.
    This culminated last year with us participating in UK Master’s Half Marathon for our age group 70-75 —- wearing England vests. We were joined by our daughter Emma — who won her age group of 45-49.
    So Joe get out those trainers and Nick make sure those walks are at a good pace.
    Thanks for all that you do and have really appreciated all 98 episodes

    1. Haha. Thanks Richard. Noted! Best wishes Joe & Nick (Young, but old at heart! Or should that be the other way round?)

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