Episode 43: Taking the Pistis with Steve Chalke

Joe interviews Steve Chalke. Always engaging and thought-provoking, he talks about how we wrongly define church, what the gospel is and the meaning of the Greek word, pistis. No, really.

2 thoughts on “Episode 43: Taking the Pistis with Steve Chalke”

  1. Thank you both (and Stve Chalke) for this podcast. God really uses it to speak to me. I am going through a situation in my church at the moment and when Steve made the comments about church being more about people and community rather than being about the religious exercise of going to a church, this seemed to lift a whole lot of burdens and worries off my shoulders. I was recently asked the question in my church about “where are you rooted” and I honestly couldn’t answer right there and then. Then I came home, listened to your podcast and took the Meyers Brigg personality test (not as strange a combination as you might think – the person who led me to the test was a well known American Pastor whose teaching I like). Putting the two together plus some reassurance from God that I’m not drifting but actually in His will, I now feel so much better about myself as a child of God. The answer is I’m rooted in Christ, my family, my friends and my community. Maybe that is my church and perhaps church (the place I go to on a Sunday) has to fit around that? Love and blessings as always.

    PS I would love to come and meet you guys one day but I’m teetotal and rather shy – and a single woman. Not sure I would fit in on a weekend gathering which sounds a bit mannish and rather boozy (said in love). Perhaps one of your wives could reassure me, if they are going?

    1. Hi Valerie. Thanks for this comment and I am so glad you feel ‘better about yourself’ as a child of God. I’m pretty sure God wants everyone to feel this way! Neither Nick or I are especially ‘mannish’ (though thank you for saying so) and we are not especially boozy until we go away together! Anyway, our wives are not boozy and are lovely and I promise you we what do all we could to make you and everyone feel very welcome. Best wishes. Joe

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