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Episode 42: Flippant Depth

Along with a humungous amount of excellent, thought-provoking feedback this week, Joe temporarily masters technology enough to record an interview with listener Shane Styles, whose guidelines for social media use we both found so helpful.

Shane’s 10 steps on finding the balance and disengagement:

  1. Practice the sabbath.
  2. Do not have your email or social media notifications pushed to your phone ever. Do not have your social media notifications pushed to any device.
  3. Only check or look at your social media on one device, remove it from all other devices.
  4. Only check social media once a day. If it is for work, then have set times.
  5. Fast from food one day or for a set period every week.
  6. Do not engage with work, news or social media for the first hour of the day, and the last hour of the day before sleep.
  7. Have a period of quiet time most days and in this time do not look at any media, email, social media, work or news.
  8. Try and walk in nature, see the ocean, sit in the park for a time most days, combine it with excise if you can.
  9. Share what you are going to do with someone, a mentor and be kept accountable to change.
  10.  Control email, do not allow it to control you. Find a way.
Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 42: Flippant Depth