Episode 41: What the hell!

In which our heroes discuss hell, damnation and other associated, cheery subjects. Is there such a thing as an orthodox view of hell? What are the options? We explore what the Bible says (not a lot), what the early church believed (different things) and just where the idea of a loving, just creator God fits in. Plus, we invent the Gehenna Tattoo and  feature excerpts from Jonathan ‘Laughing Boy’ Edwards’ classic chuckle-fest Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. 

Some books and websites mentioned during the show:

1 thought on “Episode 41: What the hell!”

  1. I am a Church of England Lay Reader and as I have studied more have changed my views. I never liked the eternal physical torment idea but believed as many did and still do that this was the official church teaching. I am now between an instant annihilationist and a universalist. I find myself more and more going towards the latter and I found your discussion very useful in that regard. The great ennihilationist book is ‘The Fire that Consumes’ by Ed Fudge who also has many lectures on line. Whether you accept his conclusion or not, his research is very comprehensive including Old Testament Judaism and beliefs in inter testimental times leading up to Jesus’ time. I also found ‘Four Views on Hell’ where each author expounds his own view with scriptural support and also critiquas the other views. What I am certain of now is that we none of us no for sure and there will always be different views. What is important is as with all interpretation we never lose sight of love. If we end up with our own fallible human hatred imposed on to God, we have definitely got it wrong. I am also certain that the important objective is to improve life now, to be part of bringing heaven to earth, not ignoring this life and looking forward to ‘heaven’ . I am very much a Tom Wright adherent in regard to resurrected physical life on a renewed earth. I find it strange that Judaism never believed (and still does not) that people go to heaven and yet that became a standard Christian belief.not helped by the use of paradise for paradisos when it actually only means garden and the complete misunderstanding of Jesus’ use of the term ‘My Father’s House’ in John 14. All the best with your discussions which aid people like me when we discuss such topics in Bible studies. May God bless you and your work mightily

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