Episode 3: Father, Son and Floaty Thing

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In which our heroes discuss the difficulties of having false and even pagan images of God. Are the images we have helpful? How do we change them? Plus Joe uses the word ‘apophatic’, Nick gets the all-clear from Dr Strange, they try not to confuse Michael Buble with Martin Buber, and they ponder whether worship song writers are actually smuggling pub names in to their lyrics.

5 thoughts on “Episode 3: Father, Son and Floaty Thing”

  1. Great initiative, gents! My cohort of friends is increasingly experiencing what you describe. Either you are really good at gathering and analyzing real poll data (in which case you should run for political office) or I’m getting old. Good to hear your voices and your thoughts. Keep them coming!

  2. I have just come across these podcasts and am finding them really interesting, funny and helpful. They’re also a bit uncomfortable for someone in an orthodox evangelical church! But having had my own mid-faith crisis due to bereavement, I’m finding that I’m no longer content with some of the simplistic explanations I hear. This episode explored something I’ve struggled with for years – a concept of God. To find that my image is more based on Zeus than the Bible was very enlightening! Thank you.

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