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Episode 15: Telling the Truth

In which our heroes discuss how hard it is to be truly honest and what stops us from letting others see behind the masks we wear. Along the way we take feedback from listeners, wonder at our sheer inability to organise our diaries, and Nick reveals how all other writers are, in fact, his enemy. All this, plus Ethel Sadoldperson’s campaign to become an MP. Oh, and Joe’s audio sounds truly terrible. Sorry about that. Just being, you know, honest.

Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 15: Telling the Truth

4 thoughts on “Episode 15: Telling the Truth”

  1. This podcast has become less about mid-faith crises and more about faith in general. A murder mystery should have at least one dead body otherwise the only crime being committed in wasting police time.

    1. Hi Tim. Thanks for the comment. You may be right, but I know for me the issue of getting to the place where I just no longer felt able to ‘wear a mask’ anymore marked a key moment in my own mid-faith crisis. I guess (to use a cliche!) everyone’s faith journey is different so what seems important to one person is not necessarily so for another!? Anyway, we’ll try not to waste anymore valuable police time! Best wishes. Joe

      1. Hey Jo

        Yes. It does feel more like a crisis of identity rather than of faith; that is, a question of what sort of Christian you want to be; but no sense your relationship with Christ is the problem. There are hundreds of denominations – so choosing your flavour of Christianity is not, in my mind, controversial or unexpected.


        That’s fair.

        What makes this a crisis?

  2. “That’s fair” was meant to come first and “What’s the crisis?” before my name!

    Actually this episode does make it more clear.

    So let me ask a question about that.

    How do you know you are removing a mask; and not just changing it?


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