Episode 148: The Messiah Purchase

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This week we talk about the spirituality of shopping. We discuss the rise of lockdown shopping and the idea of the messiah purchase – that one purchase which is going to solve all your problems. And which never does. Also, Joe is spectacularly grumpy and fidgety, we discuss hot issues like ‘is Worthing better than Hawai?’ and we have the latest, final episode of the Lee Abbey saga. Don’t worry, next week’s podcast will be brilliant. Apparently.

1 thought on “Episode 148: The Messiah Purchase”

  1. I would love to hear you host Mark Powley (author of “Consumer Detox”) on your show. His book (and his sense of humour) reminded me multiple times of your podcast. This week in particular, so many of your comments reminded me of his book.

    Also, I never leave feedback and rarely make comments on anything. The constant feed-back loop our digital consumption pleads for constantly has elicited many rants, to which my husband and daughter have been obliged to listen. They both thought the opening sequence this week was brilliant!

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