Episode 146: The Waterproof Trousers of Faith

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Joe has hit clay bottom and is recharging about as effectively as an old Nokia phone. We talk about the difficulty of waiting and how holy ground doesn’t look like what we think it does. Also, the burning question – can you leave a review of heaven on TripAdvisor?

2 thoughts on “Episode 146: The Waterproof Trousers of Faith”

  1. Thanks Joe and Nick for the Waterproof Trouser episode. I’ve been pondering on waiting quite a lot recently. In early December I separated from my wife (I know, bad timing right now,) and moved to live alone in a flat (in Worthing, Joe!) so, what with the restrictions, a hard solitary time indeed. But having said that, I’m finding that the waiting is actually helping me to begin to journey (aided by one or two helpful groups on zoom!) It’s not comfortable but I can see now, 10 weeks on, that I’m in a surprisingly different and better place than I was at the start. Somehow the sheer volume of waiting time has given my inner self the space to journey. Needless to say, I’ll be as glad as anyone to welcome new freedoms over coming months and waiting can be a right pain, but it can also be a balm if we allow it to be.

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