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Episode 127: Miracles and Prophecy

Some deep questions this week. Do miracles actually happen? And what about prophecy? Can we actually experience God’s love? Has Joe filled in a proper annual leave request form? And is it ever right to call down fire and brimstone on double-glazing salesmen?

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Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 127: Miracles and Prophecy

1 thought on “Episode 127: Miracles and Prophecy”

  1. Hi chaps
    Your mention of psychics in this episode reminded me of something.

    I used to work for a local authority and each year the chairman for the year would raise money for his or her chosen charities by holding a range of fundraising events. There was always a quiz (for which I was the quizmaster – I am available at very reasonable rates) but there were a range of other activities depending on the chairman’s interests.

    One year the chairman decided that there would be an evening with a local psychic. Tickets went on sale and the event was proving very popular.

    Unfortunately close to the event a problem arose and the posters advertising the event had stickers attached to advise that it would not be taking place saying ‘Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Not a word of a lie.

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