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Episode 107: Buying a field

What can you say in the face of everything that is happening in the world? In a time of lockdowns and self-isolation, we have more great feedback about healing, and we explore what hope we can be sure of in these times. It’s all about buying a field, people. Meanwhile, Joe is grumpy and Nick has stockpiled the wrong things. And we hear from Ethel, who has her customary unique take on current events.

Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 107: Buying a field

1 thought on “Episode 107: Buying a field”

  1. Hi Jo and Nick
    Thank you for last week’s episode, and the idea of buying a field. We are certainly living in strange times! I found myself looking at a tree in full blossom today against a blue sky and wondering how it could be so natural and beautiful while all the other c*** was happening!
    Last Sunday was the oddest Mothering Sunday I have had. On the one hand it was lovely, both my children were at home (once my son returned from his last day at the 3rd job he had effectively lost in the space of a week) and we were all together. On the other hand it was because we weren’t able to be anywhere else! On one hand my Mum was completely on her own, which isn’t unusual as we don’t live locally, but she would normally have at least been to church and had a posy from a random child… But of course, no church this year. On the other hand I managed to set myself, my mum and my brother up on a 3 way whats app video call… Probably the first time all 3 of us have been involved in the same conversation for years (even if most of it was explaining how to get on and then off the call!)
    I looked back at some notes I made in January after your podcast about the examen and choosing a word for the year. The word I chose was ‘connect’. None of the ways I planned on exploring this included a pandemic!

    I hope you and those around you are keeping well.
    Thank you for what you do with the podcast.
    Best wishes

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