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Episode 10: Yes, but are you ‘born again’?

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In which our heroes look at what it means to be saved. What does it mean to be born again? Should we even still be using the phrase? We explore surrender and rebirth and all the possibilities that opens up for us. Along the way, Nick gets grumpy about the Celts, Joe defines pantheism, and we float the possibility of a real, live Mid-faith Crisis get-together.

Mid-faith Crisis
Mid-faith Crisis
Episode 10: Yes, but are you 'born again'?

3 thoughts on “Episode 10: Yes, but are you ‘born again’?”

  1. Chose not to go to my FIEC church th his Sunday morning &listened to “BornAgain ?” podcast. Fabulous! Just where I am. I need tell tell God the one thing I have never said to Him before (in 55 years of evangelical thought) , thst is, hard to type, I’m really frightened of Him. What the hell is he going to do with me? Why am I still so frightened afterall this time? I thought I was supposed to KNOW Him? Can you help? Jan P.S. Had a thoroughly normal childhood!

    1. Hi Jan
      I’m so sorry to hear you are frightened. It seems to me the primary reason Jesus came 200 years ago was to announce the genuinely good news about God. That we don’t need to be afraid and that he loves us and includes us in His/Her Kingdom! Joe (the wishy-washy one!)

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