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The Mid-Faith Crisis Church Weekend 2021

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response and the weekend is full. Sorry about that. But do send us an email and let us know if you’d be interested in attending an event in the future.

St. Katharine’s Parmoor, Frieth, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 6NN

29-31 October 2021

Come and join Joe, Nick and Ethel* for our very own church weekend.

Over the years a lot of people who listen to the podcast have told us that they think of the Mid-faith Crisis Community as their church. To which, we generally reply ‘Thank you, but have you considered therapy?’ 

But then we thought, if that’s the case, why not have a church weekend away!

So here it is. The Mid-faith Crisis Church Weekend. A chance for a handful of the elect to get together and explore all things Mid-faith. 

What will happen?

Conversation. Lots of conversation. There will be devotional times, as well as space for reflection. There will be meditation, contemplation and quite possible perspiration. Joe may dance. Nick may wave the Bible about. Basically, though, it’s a chance to get together and explore the challenges and opportunities of the mid-faith crisis.

Where’s it taking place?

We will be gathering in the beautiful surroundings of St Katherine’s Parmoor, a retreat house set in 10 acres of gardens.

How do I book?

  • Register your interest by sending an email to
  • Make the subject of your email Mid-faith Crisis Church Weekend
  • Tell us who you are and how many of you. 
  • Please indicate if you are willing to share a room to enable more people to join us.

We’ll get back to you with an exclusive offer (i.e. whatever’s available in terms of accommodation.) 

Talking of which, what’s the accommodation like?

There are some double and twin-bedded rooms with full ensuite facilities. There are twin rooms with no ensuite. We also have eight single bedrooms available, none of these are ensuite.

How much will it cost?

Room rates will vary according to the type of room and whether or not it is shared. But it is a maximum of £193 per person which covers full board for two nights. Including cake. 

Anything else to pay?

To keep costs down we’re not charging for our attendance. So if you’d like to make a donation to the podcast to cover our preparation and attendance time that would be appreciated! 

How many will be there?

The retreat house can house a maximum of 36 people in 22 rooms. We are hoping to fill the place! If you are willing to share a room, that will enable more people to attend.

What if lockdown returns?

You’ll either get a full refund or we will hold over the booking for a future date. 

Will there be worship songs?

Highly unlikely. Although we have been known to sing ‘Bind us together’ in an ironic way.

*Ethel’s attendance subject to availability and whether the rapture has occurred.