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It’s a Mid-Faith Crisis Meet Up

It’s the Mid-Faith Crisis Podcast


Saturday 30th September 2017

The Queen’s Arms, 11 Warwick Way Pimlico, London, SW1V 1QT

In which our heroes actually meet the people, drink some beer and generally continue the hilarity and the confusion in a live setting, and you could be there!

Yes! It’s actually going to happen. Probably.

Anyway, we are both really excited at the thought of meeting you and getting to know you. We may ask a few questions of you like ‘what brings you here?’ or ‘why do you listen?’. However, we figured you may want more than chatting to two bald, middle-aged bald blokes, so we also plan to include some worship (in both ‘Ancient’ and ‘Wiffly Californian’ form) and Nick and I plan to do some input and reflections on life, faith and the Divine as we journey on through life. There will be no worship songs.

Tickets are £15* and we are asking that everyone purchase their meal from the pub at lunchtime. Spaces are limited so please book soon!

Places are very limited, due to Joe having limited ambition and only booking a room for 30 people instead of the Royal Albert Hall and although Nick maintains he can’t come, the event is in his diary and there is a constant supply of real ale, so he is likely to make it after all. So join us as we lift up holy legs and drop our anchors in the veil together in a pub; it’d be great to see you there!

Book Here!

* The reason for an upfront ticket charge is because we couldn’t run the risk of people saying they were coming and then finding something better to do. Not that there could possibly be anything better to do, but you get the point. Anyway, depending on numbers we may end up in slight deficit or making a profit on the day. If we should make a profit we’ll either plough it back into new events or given to a more worthy charitable cause. Or both.  We might even buy you a beer. Who knows. Anyway, Nick and I are currently bickering over this!

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