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Welcome to the Mid-Faith Crisis Podcast

Thanks for spending the time to listen to the podcast.

Can we ask two things.

First, that you would feel free to give us any feedback you think might be helpful, or ask any questions that you might have. You can send your feedback to, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Second if you enjoy the podcast, please tell your friends. (If you didn’t enjoy the podcast, then I suppose you could tell your enemies, but maybe that wouldn’t be kind.)


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Mid-Faith Crisis Podcast”

  1. Hi Joe, Nick and everyone else!

    On the latest podcast you talked about exploring different ways of praying. I’ve been using discovering prayer to do just that and it has been terrific! I’d recommend it.

    Yours in the middle of the dark night and certainly mid faith!


    1. Hi Tim
      Thanks so much for writing in and thanks for the recommendation. Appreciated.
      Best wishes

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